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Back to School Sale and Gift Card Giveaway

Math Friends! It's here, it's finally here! TpT has released details on their next big sale! The TpTBACK TO SCHOOL SALEis set for Wednesday, August 1st and Thursday, August 2nd! Everything in my store will be 20% off, including bundles. Use promo code BTSFRESH to get an extra 5% off! You can visit my store here! 
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Fun with Parabolic Curves

Yesterday I saw a picture of an art project using parabolic curves so I pulled out some graph paper and tried it myself. So much fun! My 15 year old daughter saw what I was doing and thought it was cool (say what?!!) and asked me how to do it. I started to explain but she got lost pretty quick. Then it hit me, why not list out some ordered pairs on the coordinate plane to explain how to do it? An hour later it was complete. :)

I've started several others as well, they are so much fun to create and I know my students will LOVE working on these!

 I will post each one free for 24 hours, you can find them here in my new graphing fun category. Version One. Version Two Please download, enjoy and help me by leaving feedback. Something wrong or have a request? You can email me at Thanks!

Freebies and Sale

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Area of Shaded Regions in 6th Grade Math

I attended a workshop last week for Open Up Resources for math.  What a wonderful reminder it was of how students should be thinking and problem solving when learning new skills and concepts. :) 
One of the lessons we worked through involved finding area of triangles by deriving that a triangle is half a rectangle. This reminded me of some task cards I started a few months ago but never published. I did some digging and voila, here they are!  You can download the forever free sample pack for or the full version (free for 24 hours only!) Enjoy and please don't forget to go back and leave a rating if you download it. :) 

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