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Using Exit Tickets as a Formative Assessment

This year I started trying exit tickets as a daily formative assessment in my classroom. To encourage my reluctant students to participate I also used them as a drawing for a daily incentive. They had to write their name on the back, fold it at least twice and drop it in my drawing bucket when they left class. I would draw a winner, post it the board and the winner would receive a prize the next day. I then had a helper at the beginning of the next class sort the exit tickets into piles based on answers. This was a great task to give a student who needed to have a job and I used different, but similar problems in each class to prevent cheating. :)

This really helped me with forming small groups to address common errors for the next day or to reteach if many demonstrated a common misunderstanding. I also kept a class checklist to keep track of mastery.  This small thing made a big difference for my students this year!  I have posted a free sample pack of some of my area exit tickets to…

June Giveaway and 7 More Days!

Here is the June  Giveaway running June 3-June 11th! Thank you for following my store and supporting me!

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As the school year winds down I have been doing a lot and thinking about a lot. As a teacher in North Carolina my daughter and I participated along with 30,000 other teachers from across our state in a rally on the opening day of the short session. What an experience!! My eyes are really opening to just how much our students need and are not provided. Teacherspayteachers has been a life saver for me in providing my students with materials and with income to purchase materials not provided by our state. Why this is necessary has been a big question on my mind lately. There is so much work that needs to be done to advocate for our students in NC and in our nation.

As I finish up the school year I am busy writing "open when you graduate" letters for my 6th graders and enclosing their first day of middle school picture. I am so excited about these and h…