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Flipping my Interactive Notebooks

I have come up with so many exciting ideas this summer, I can't wait to get school started this year! Well,,,,,I can wait to get up before the sun rises and stay at work until its dark and spend my weekends grading assignments and writing lesson plans, and...and....and....:(

Despite all that I am excited to meet my new kiddos and to guide and nurture them through their first year of middle school.

Last year we had several snow days and I had the foresight to send some foldables home with students and sent them links to my lensoo videos explaining how to fill them out. It was generally a great success and helped us to keep ahead during the crazy 2015 North Carolina Winter. I have been really pondering ways I can make the best use of my instructional time this year. I am going to flip my classroom! We are fortunate to be the recipients of a three year technology grant that gives every student a tablet to use in school and at home. Every student does not have Internet access at home,…