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My Why

Took my nearly 15 year old daughter and her boyfriend to the movies Friday. Tickled that they needed me to open their candy and wanted kids meals afterwards. Played with the toy the whole drive home, lol. :) It was a nice end to a long week.
Icing in the cake: walking into the theater to a certain young man excitedly calling out "Hi Ms. Bailey!" While he smiled and waved. Gave me a great big bear hug on the way out after and walked me out to parking lot engaging in nice conversation. Don't know why he was alone or where his parents were (he's a 7th grader) but grateful for the experiences I have.
This young man's first interaction with me was about a year ago. He cussed at me in the hallway when I asked him to stop running. I made a decision to make this kid my best buddy. I spent weeks (with my 6th grade class watching) trying to "kill him with kindness." Everyday on the way to lunch as he was coming back with another class I'd say "hello ,…

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Free Inequality Resources

I've finished up some inequality resources today while waiting to see if we're going to get snow tomorrow.  They are free for now, so download now! Please take the time to leave feedback if you do; this helps buyers know if they should feel confident purchasing from my store.  I appreciate you taking the time to do it! :) Thanks a lot and enjoy!
Crystal Bailey's Corner

March Giveaway and Freebies!

Happy March! Here are a few of my new resources that are currently free. Grab them now as they won't stay free forever! (Please be kind and leave feedback if you do. :) 

Follow this link to enter to win this month's giveawayor complete directly below. Good luck! This is my way to say thank you for supporting my store and leaving feedback on purchases and free downloads. :)

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