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New Math Center Bundle and all Bundles half off!


I have been really lazy when it comes to adding more products but I have gone through and made some updates and a to-do list! I just added a 6th grade math center bundle, check it out by following this link!

In addition, I am marking all my bundles down to half off for the remainder of July!

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I tried the 30 day cleanse challenge!

I made it through doTERRA's 30 day cleanse challenge. I wasn't sure I was going to make it, but I did!

In my previous post I shared that my husband had been sick and was trying a cleanse.  While he has been going through that cleanse I reluctantly decided to give in to my mom's suggestion to go through the 30 day doTERRA cleanse. I am a teacher so I have a few weeks in which a bathroom is accessible if needed, and I do want to get healthier so I gave it a go. Oh, and I also gave up my daily coffee at the same time. 😮 She suggested I buy the daily habits kit along with a bottle of Zendocrine softgels and DDR Prime Softgels. I went ahead and joined by buying the kit (joining lowers the cost so why not?) and after hesitating for a few days started the cleanse.

The first 10 days wasn't so bad, although the Zendocrine softgels gave me heartburn. My mom suggested putting them in the fridge and after I tried that, no more heartburn! Yay! It was annoying having to take 8 pill…

Essential Oils Junkie

Ok, it's official. I'm an essential oils junkie! Here's the story.......
I received a phone call from my husband in May close to the end of the day.  I was lining up my 3rd graders to take them back to class. I quickly answered the phone and not so nicely said "what do you need? I have kids right now." A female voice responded, asking "is this BJ's wife?" BJ had collapsed at work and I needed to come ASAP. I hope I NEVER receive a phone call like that again. (and I will never answer the phone like that again.)

A couple of emergency room visits, visits to the primary care physician, a neurologist and an ENT and he was still unwell. He was having vertigo spells along with severe headaches. It really was crippling. A friend of mine from school is a member of Young Living and she had an Itovi scanner. She offered to scan my husband and came over after school on a Monday. The scan said that his number one need was Parafree, which can be used to cleanse …

Everything 5% Off!

Everything at Bailey's Corner is 5% Off!!
Did you say everything's on sale?! If you're anything like me you're having a hard time shutting it all off and you're already planning for next year. I thought I'd help with a quick July sale! Everything in my store is 5% off from July 7th through July 10th. Now's the time to pick up what you have stored away on your wish list! Follow this link to head to my store now! :)

While you're there download this product for free during the sale! Enjoy!