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Ready or not, Here we go!!

Wow, I can't believe a new school year is here already! I feel like all I have done all summer is prepare for this school year and I forgot to find some me time. 👀 Oh well, it is what it is. I'm hopeful that all the organization and preparation will make for a less stressful school year. :)

Last year I typically stayed at school until around 7, even though school ended at 4:00. My daughter attended 6-8th grade at my middle school and it was a little too easy to work late each day as I tried to learn a new curriculum (social studies for the first time last year, and 3 different math classes, yikes!) This year I'll be teaching the same subjects so it should be easier. I am a bit of perfectionist, the problem is I try to take on too much and then I find myself overly stressed, tired or less than "perfect" because I run out of time.

Tomorrow my daughter starts high school. She will not be at my school and I will have to start dealing with transportation and other i…

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New and Updated Products and Freebies!

Hello fellow teachers! I have been working hard this summer to upload and update my products as well as create some new ones. I am planning to really focus this school year on using math centers and guided math. Enjoy this math center I created to practice finding GCF of two numbers.

I will be posting many others to practice additional skills aligned with my units. I have also been working to update my complete 6th grade interactive notebook bundle.

Individual unit bundles are also becoming available as I get organized. :) Thanks for following my store, please remember to rate my store for any products downloaded and I hope you have a wonderful school year!

 Check out these new products:
 6th Grade Statistics Unlock the Box, Free! 
 Feed Your Brain! Prime Factorization Practice 
 Feed Your Brain! Finding Factors Practice 
6th Grade Math Weekly Warmups and Homework 
 6th Grade Math Complete Interactive Math Bundle 
 6th Grade Math Unit 1 Bundle: Fractions and Decimals 


 Crystal Bail…

Feed Your Brain!

I'm trying something new! I am determined to make guided math and math centers work in my classroom this year. I have been working hard to find resources and to make my own. Here is a fresh one!

You can find it in both my TpT store and my Teacher's Notebook Shop. Let me know what you think! :)

Multiplication Review Foldable for 6th Grade Interactive Math Notebook

Hello Friends!

I am gearing up for school! Seems like the previous school year ended yesterday. I spent yesterday laminating math center materials I scored for free on TpT and started creating a new foldable to review multiplication. I noticed last year that many of my 6th graders really struggled with basic multiplication. I spent time with them using several methods, including the traditional algorithm, area models,  partial products, and the lattice method. This year I've decided to narrow it down to three and created a foldable page  for it. I decided to go with area models, partial products and the standard algorithm. I chose these three because the first are so closely related and the standard algorithm is.... well...standard! :) I have posted it for free in my TpT store. I plan to use office mix to record myself explaining how to cut, fold and glue it in to notebooks. Then I'll record an explanation of each of the steps for students. This way they can complete this in a …

Unlock the Box, a 6th Grade Statistics Breakout Activity for Math Center or Review

My students absolutely love breakout activities!! I purchased a few from here and there and used some ideas I found online but none quite worked for my classroom.

This product is the first I created for my students that fit our needs perfectly!! The problems included are aligned to the 6th grade common core statistics standards and are great for a review or centers to check for understanding. This is how I made it work for my classroom, feel free to modify to meet your needs and let me know how you did! :) I will be making and posting many more aligned to all the 6th grade standards. :)

Setting Up I purchased these 4 digit combination locks from amazon (all of the products posted below do have affiliate links. Any earnings are intended to be used in purchasing materials for my students.)They come in packs of 2 and were pretty inexpensive and work well enough. Just be careful when setting them, if you lift up during the combination setting process they are pretty much ruined! I also recom…

Teacher's Notebook Flash Freebie

I have decided to update my basically unused Teacher's Notebook store as I go through and update my TeachersPayTeacher store. Teacher's Notebook doesn't seem to have nearly the same traffic as TpT, but I do like the tools they have to help set up giveaways and flash freebies. I'm setting up a new freebie every day while I continue to update and upload products. Today my distributive property foldable is free until Friday night. Enjoy, and please rate it if you download it! :)

Flash Freebie

I am working hard to update my TpT store and my Teacher's Notebook Shop. Most of what I earn in my digital stores is used to fund things that my students need so your support is much appreciated! :) My Bar Graph and Histogram Foldable is free on Teacher's Notebook today until 3 PM. Please follow my shop and rate my product if you care to download it! You earn money back when you rate products toward future purchases. Thank you!