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Interactive Science Notebook

Aaahhhh! I will be teaching 6th grade math and science next year. I haven't taught science in over ten years!  I am very nervous and will be spending all summer setting up my interactive notebook and making sure its great for my students. Today I decorated the cover, added a strip of colored duck tape to the spine (for extra reinforcement and color coding purposes), put together a table of contents, and printed the Unit One Essential Standards list.
My table of contents includes 7 units: Matter, Energy Transfer, Waves, Earth's Structure, Earth's Stewardship, the Rythm of Life, and Earth's Place in the Solar System. I used a staple free foldable book template for my table of contents and glue it into the first page of my INB. Here are some pictures putting it together. 

This summer I will be working hard to create complete grade level bundles for interactive math notebooks. I will also be presenting on interactive notebooks in July at our District's personalized learning conference. I'm very excited to share a tool that my students have loved!  Today I posted a new foldable on triangle properties. It will be free until tomorrow. Check it out and don't forget to rate me! :)