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Is it Already the 5th Week of School?

This school year is flying by! This week we deployed our new Lenova ThinkPad devices with all students and progress reports go home. I am overwhelmed with all I have to do teaching three different leveled math classes and teaching social studies for the first time. I'm still hanging in there though! This is what we've been up to in our interactive notebooks: After we finished up prime factorization we reviewed GCF and LCM . My favorite method is the ladder diagram. It's super simple and works for both! You can find these at my TpT store in several different formats and bundles. After GCF and LCM we reviewed adding, subtracting , multiplying and dividing fraction s. Many of my 6th graders lack fluency in fraction operations. Many continue to struggle. The next step was modeling fraction division. We model using both bar models and number lines . I accidentally sent a version to the copier with a misspelled word, woops! Rather than waste precious paper we rolled wi

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One Week Down! Divisibility Rules, Prime and Composite Numbers, and Prime Factorization

  Wow, what a busy week! This week we set up goals on our Unit 1 Standards sheet. I explained to students  how we will use this to start each unit. Students set individual goals and looked over the standards and "I Can" statements for the unit. They can use this as a checklist as we go through the unit or as a study guide when preparing for a test. I explained how the data table will work. After assessments students will chart their own data with the goal of reaching mastery for each standard by the end of the year. Any standard not mastered will be continuously worked on. The first lesson was a review of divisibility rules. I was surprised by how many students didn't know many of these rules. They really enjoyed learning them, especially the rules for 3 and 9. :)  Next we looked at the Sieve of Eratosthenes and reviewed prime and composite numbers, factors, and multiples. They enjoyed learning about this historical tool.  We ended on Friday with th