Is it Already the 5th Week of School?

This school year is flying by! This week we deployed our new Lenova ThinkPad devices with all students and progress reports go home. I am overwhelmed with all I have to do teaching three different leveled math classes and teaching social studies for the first time. I'm still hanging in there though! This is what we've been up to in our interactive notebooks:

After we finished up prime factorization we reviewed GCF and LCM. My favorite method is the ladder diagram. It's super simple and works for both! You can find these at my TpT store in several different formats and bundles.

After GCF and LCM we reviewed adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. Many of my 6th graders lack fluency in fraction operations. Many continue to struggle.
The next step was modeling fraction division. We model using both bar models and number lines. I accidentally sent a version to the copier with a misspelled word, woops! Rather than waste precious paper we rolled with it and many students now understand this concept. It was very frustrating for many at first!
My advanced class reviewed multi-digit multiplication and division.  I loved this practice sheet on multiplication from Kathleen and Mande'! I modified it a little to make it fit in our notebooks and my students really had fun with it. :) My new division foldable is free on TpT this week! We will move on to decimal operations later this week.
Here is my updated table of contents page and a page I added at the end to keep fraction bar pieces. An envelope on the back cover is great for "holding" unfinished products as well. 

Hope your yearly is running smoothly! Starting my year with a growth mindset has really started the year right. To celebrate, I'm making all products featured in this blog post free for 24 hours. Enjoy!


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