Multiplication Review Foldable for 6th Grade Interactive Math Notebook

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I am gearing up for school! Seems like the previous school year ended yesterday. I spent yesterday laminating math center materials I scored for free on TpT and started creating a new foldable to review multiplication. I noticed last year that many of my 6th graders really struggled with basic multiplication. I spent time with them using several methods, including the traditional algorithm, area models,  partial products, and the lattice method. This year I've decided to narrow it down to three and created a foldable page  for it. I decided to go with area models, partial products and the standard algorithm. I chose these three because the first are so closely related and the standard algorithm is.... well...standard! :) I have posted it for free in my TpT store. I plan to use office mix to record myself explaining how to cut, fold and glue it in to notebooks. Then I'll record an explanation of each of the steps for students. This way they can complete this in a center. I'm really excited about my plan for centers and guided math this year. Stay tuned, I hope to blog about how it's going this year!

This is what it looks like in my notebook. I like students to use the leftover space in their notebook to summarize what they learned or take their own personal notes using their favorite method. Doodle notes are the best!
 Multiplication Foldable for Interactive Math Notebook 4th-6th Grade
The inside of each flap explains how to use that method to solve a two-digit by two-digit multiplication problem. The same problem is used for each method so that they can easily compare and decide which method WORKS BEST FOR THEM.  I do tend to give students choice when it comes to solving problems in my class. I believe we all learn differently and can solve problems in a variety of ways. I'm good with whatever method they use, as long as they can do it! :)

The bottom leaves space for them to write as they are guided through each of the processes. The answer key gives suggestions for the teacher.
Finally, I added a practice page with 16 problems. They include 2-digit to 3-digit factors and space to work them out. 

That's it! Head on over to TpT and download it for free if you think you can use it in your class. If you do, please take the time to rate it and follow my store. Those ratings are important in letting other teachers know the quality of products. I use my store to generate a little extra income that goes right back into my classroom to help my students. This is great, because then I don't have to spend so much out of my household budget. :) You also earn credits when you rate what you download on TpT, whether it was free or paid. That's cool, because you can use those credits to purchase things for free once you have enough. :)
 Multiplication Foldable for Interactive Math Notebook 4th-6th Grade


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