New and Updated Products and Freebies!

Hello fellow teachers! I have been working hard this summer to upload and update my products as well as create some new ones. I am planning to really focus this school year on using math centers and guided math. Enjoy this math center I created to practice finding GCF of two numbers.

I will be posting many others to practice additional skills aligned with my units. I have also been working to update my complete 6th grade interactive notebook bundle.

Individual unit bundles are also becoming available as I get organized. :) Thanks for following my store, please remember to rate my store for any products downloaded and I hope you have a wonderful school year!

 Check out these new products:
 6th Grade Statistics Unlock the Box, Free! 
 Feed Your Brain! Prime Factorization Practice 
 Feed Your Brain! Finding Factors Practice 
 6th Grade Math Weekly Warmups and Homework 
 6th Grade Math Complete Interactive Math Bundle 
 6th Grade Math Unit 1 Bundle: Fractions and Decimals 


 Crystal Bailey


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