Using Exit Tickets as a Formative Assessment

This year I started trying exit tickets as a daily formative assessment in my classroom. To encourage my reluctant students to participate I also used them as a drawing for a daily incentive. They had to write their name on the back, fold it at least twice and drop it in my drawing bucket when they left class. I would draw a winner, post it the board and the winner would receive a prize the next day. I then had a helper at the beginning of the next class sort the exit tickets into piles based on answers. This was a great task to give a student who needed to have a job and I used different, but similar problems in each class to prevent cheating. :)

This really helped me with forming small groups to address common errors for the next day or to reteach if many demonstrated a common misunderstanding. I also kept a class checklist to keep track of mastery.  This small thing made a big difference for my students this year!  I have posted a free sample pack of some of my area exit tickets to my TpT store and will be adding many more very soon. I hope you find them to be as useful as I did! Please don't forget to rate it if you download it. :)
 Area Exit Tickets Sample Pack


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