New Products, Saving Paper!

Hello! I enjoyed some snow days this week and used the time to cut up some wonderful center activities I've purchased from TpT. I was very frustrated with how much paper I was having to dispose of and the never ending cutting required!

 I will often take something I've purchased and spend extra time working magic to make more print on a page or to eliminate unnecessary spaces that just end up being cut out and discarded. I found myself needing some additional resources for review and decided to make my own with a focus on reducing waste. Here is my first of the day. I don't know how many I'll get done, I have a very long to do list. :)
 Equivalent Expressions Dominoes for Math Centers and review

The best part? There is very little waste! I cut out several sets to get ready for next week and had only small strips along each side left to discard. Yay! 

What do you do to save paper and materials? Comment below. Have a great week! :) 



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