January Giveaway!

January is almost over and thanks to several snow days I've had time to create a lot of new resources and update some new ones. Here are a few of my new resources that are currently free. Grab them now as they won't stay free forever! (Please be kind and leave feedback if you do. :) )
 one step equations roll and solve

 slope intercept form interactive math notebook

 solve one step equations with models

 one step equations cut and go puzzle

 equivalent fractions decimals and percents
 gcf math center cards

 equivalent expressions dominoes
 one step equations assessment

 equivalent expressions math center

I am also happy to announce I will begin a monthly $10 TpT gift card giveaway for my followers. This is my way to say thank you for supporting my store and leaving feedback on purchases and free downloads. :) Follow this link to enter to win this month's giveaway or complete directly below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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