Mixing up Your Math Warmups and Homework

I have recorded many of my lesson tutorials for years now but this year I have really added a lot for my students and I can see the positive difference it is making. I record explanations for each problem on their daily warm up and their daily homework.

In the past I've noticed students just writing random answers down to appear finished with their work. They either were embarrassed they didn't know what to do or too lazy to try, either way it's not an effective practice tool if they aren't able to practice the skill accurately. This gives me a couple of scenarios. Some students still might choose to only write down the answers provided to them. I don't give them credit if they don't show their work. Some students write down all the the work shown with the answers but don't try it themselves before watching the video. This is a step in the right direction in my opinion and better than random numbers written on the page. My hope is that they'll slowly start to pick up the skills and I have many reluctant learners who have. :) The third scenario is students who get frustrated and give up now have a tool to get help available to them whenever they need it. They can pause, rewind, and re-watch when they need to. They can also share with their parents who may not understand the "crazy common core math." :) I encourage them to then bring additional questions to me when they come to class.

I am really starting to see proficiency increase and am excited about the growth my students are making. A simple free tool embedded in Power Point is all i'm using and it only takes a matter of minutes to create the videos! They aren't perfect, but that makes them more fun. My students love to hear an occasional dog barking or my daughter trying to talk to me in the middle of a video. :) Here is an example video and also linked below is my yearlong warm-ups and homework product that I am using in the recording. Have a great week!

 6th grade math warm ups and homework

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