Interactive Math Notebooks

Over the past few years I have become pretty passionate about using interactive notebooks in my classes and each year I add new and exciting components. There are so many fabulous ideas floating around the internet and I am constantly thinking of ways to make them better. I have decided this year that I will add QR codes to many of the skill and concept pages that we add. We are a one to one district in our middle schools and our kids all have an amplify tablet. Last year my kids enjoyed viewing and creating their own videos using the lensoo create app. What better way to reinforce skills then to link those videos directly back to their notebooks? With free QR code generators floating around it will be super easy. Here is the QR code I created to link to the presentation I will be sharing at our district summer personalized learning conference next week. I have also added a "clickable" link to the code.

 Click to access the word documents pictured.


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